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Discover our wide range of services, from project management to business development and operations optimization. At Build It Up®, we offer tailored solutions to drive business success through excellence and innovation.

Business development

We provide consulting, management and support services to clients, adapting to their specific objectives as individuals and companies. Our deep understanding and knowledge of business ensures a best value look and approach for every client. Our services include: Strategic planning, Financial modeling, Marketing strategy, Brand strategy, Consulting, Training and workshops, Implementation processes and Human talent management.

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Project Management & E-PMO

We provide services to clients during all phases of their project. Our expertise comes from many different backgrounds and experiences and global certification of best practices and international standards and includes all traditional and specialized services such as: cost management, program management, procurement, due diligence, PPP/P3 advisory and project management. risks. Our E-PMO solutions provide governance, standards, best practices and methodology development, as well as learning and quality management systems for strategic projects, programs and portfolios.

Control & Monitoring

We provide services driven by technological innovation tools, including our in-house applications for project monitoring and control through control boards aimed at executive-level monitoring. Our experience provides our clients with added value to contribute to the achievement of their vision. We provide support in building surveying, construction, design and management (CDM) services, facilities management, property and development services, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveys.

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Pre-operation and Supervision

The supervision of the reception of works is a service that involves the presence of a team of highly trained and experienced engineers and architects in the supervision branch, who work together with the construction and design teams of the project to ensure that the compliance with project standards and regulations, guaranteeing its functionality and quality. This service includes inspection, evaluation, support, advice, control and monitoring activities, to guarantee that civil works meet the parameters of reception, quality, functionality and levels appropriate for their operation.

Superintendence and inspection services

Build It Up® supervises the operation of Public-Private Partnership buildings, ranging from the management of systems such as HVAC, electricity and security, to general services such as cleaning, surveillance and operation of commercial areas. With a continuous analysis of performance indicators, we identify opportunities to improve efficiency. In addition, we focus on customer service and incident resolution, maintaining fluid communication with users. Our objective is to ensure safety, comfort and maximize the profitability and value of the building.

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Our firm provides outsourcing services to local and international companies, helping them reduce costs, streamline processes and improve efficiency. We customize services to meet the specific needs of each client, providing customized solutions that are designed to meet the unique challenges of each business. By outsourcing these services, companies can focus on their core competencies and leave administrative tasks to the experts. This can help companies save time, reduce costs and improve their bottom line.

Executive training, learning and knowledge solutions

A specialized firm provides executive training services and knowledge solutions to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of companies and professionals. They offer executive consulting, leadership development, management training and knowledge management, focusing on organizational performance and talent retention. All services are customizable and can be delivered both online and in person.

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Document Management and Closing Books

Our firm specializes in document management and preparation of closing books, essential for a smooth transition between the construction and operation stages of infrastructure. We compile technical information, calculation reports, technical sheets, guarantees, manuals and more, adapting to the specificities of each project and its final function. This documentation guarantees a complete and adequate transfer of information for the optimal use of the infrastructure.

Manuals of Operation

Our firm specializes in the creation and review of operation manuals, focused on the management of commercial and administrative services for infrastructure. We base our procedures on recognized methodologies such as Lean, Agile, Scrum and Six Sigma to maximize efficiency and quality. With globally certified specialists, we transform your operations into profitable and highly efficient systems.

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